Volume 4 Issue 8- August 2014


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238-241 Expert System to Troubleshoot the Wireless Connection Problems
Dr. Raja'a A. Khalid, Rafah O. Jassim

Expert system is an important method to help using the expertise of the human in more than one place in high demanding fields. In this paper, an expert system was designed to troubleshoot the wireless connection problems and reach an accurate decision about the cause. Java and Prolog used connected by JIProlog. A survey investigates the wireless connection problems performed by about 40 expert, and a case study performed in Al-Nahrain University campus to test the system.

Keywords— Expert system, Wireless network, Java, Prolog, JIProlog.

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242-244 Review of CBIR System
Jaspreet Singh Dhanoa,Anupam Garg

With the advent of technology and multimedia information, digital images are increasing very quickly. Various techniques are being developed to retrieve/search digital information or data contained in the image. Traditional Text Based Image Retrieval System is not plentiful. Since it is time consuming as it require manual image annotation. Also, the image annotation differs with different peoples. An alternate to this is Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) system. It retrieves/search for image using its contents rather the text, keywords etc. A lot of exploration has been compassed in the range of Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) with various feature extraction techniques. Shape is a significant image feature as it reflects the human perception. Moreover, Shape is quite simple to use by the user to define object in an image as compared to other features such as Color, texture etc. Over and above, if applied alone, no descriptor will give fruitful results. Further, by combining it with an improved classifier, one can use the positive features of both the descriptor and classifier. So, a tryout will be made to establish an algorithm for accurate feature (Shape) extraction in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). The main objectives of this project are: (a) To propose an algorithm for shape feature extraction using CBIR, (b) To evaluate the performance of proposed algorithm and (c To compare the proposed algorithm with state of art techniques.

Keywords: SVM, Legendre Moments, Segmentation, Statistical Features

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