Volume 7 Issue 1 (January 2017)


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05-09 ZRP - An Analysis and Extension of MANET

Secure communication, an important aspect of any networking environment, is an especially signicant challenge in ad ho. Ad-Hoc Networks consist of peer-to peer communicating nodes that are highly mobile. As such, an ad- hoc network lacks infrastructure and topology of the network changes dynamically. MANET is combination of wireless mobile nodes that communicate with each other without any kind of centralized control or any device or established infrastructure. Therefore MANET routing is a critical task to perform in dynamic network. Without any fixed infrastructure, wireless mobile nodes dynamically establish the network. Routing Protocols helps to communicate a mobile node with the other nodes in the network by sending or receiving the packets. This research paper provides the overview of ZRP by presenting its functionality.

Keywords: Adhoc, Manet, ZRP

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01-04 A Review on Data Mining Techniques for Treatment of Cancer in Ayurveda Therapy
Deepa Nyayadhish, Dr.Pramod Deo

The purpose of this literature review is to evaluate and analyse the literature relevant to the topic. This paper presents an overview of the applications of data mining in Health Informatics. The current or potential applications of various data mining techniques in Health Informatics are illustrated through some published literature. Data mining techniques such as clustering, Decision tree, ANN, CART (Classification and Regression Tree) is widely used in healthcare domain. Data mining algorithms, when appropriately used, are capable of improving the quality of prediction, diagnosis and disease classification [1]. The main focus of this paper is to analyse data mining techniques required for Ayurveda therapy data especially to discover effective treatment for cancer.

Keywords-Data mining techniques, Ayurveda Therapy, Expert System, Data mining process

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