Volume 7 Issue 7 July 2017


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62-68 Cloud Computing PAVD Security System: A Survey
Rakesh Kumar, Shubhdeep

Cloud computing is the best solution for providing a flexible, on-demand, and dynamically scalable computing infrastructure for many applications. In case of private cloud environment access is limited to a group of users or an organization. Even though there are many aspects in cloud environment. The data security, confidentiality and privacy plays a major role in cloud deployment model. Lot of investment is made in cloud based research by MNCs like Amazon, IBM and different R & D organizations. Inspite of these the number of stakeholders actually using cloud services is limited. The main hindrance to the wide adoption of cloud Technology is feeling of insecurity regarding storage of data in cloud, absence of reliance and comprehensive access control mechanism. For the protection of data, we do have a existing technique called PAVD technique. A three security issues of privacy, data security and data verification. Hence it is called as PAVD system.
In this paper, we extended the existing PAVD technique, by adding group signature based verification and adding AES Encryption to it. The issue of protection on device or protection on cloud has found to be the major challenge and survey to provide secure cloud computing environment. In this paper, we mentioned the gap of survey and objectives of thesis work. 

Keywords: Member, cloud computing, Security problems, Data security, Signature, DH, RSA.

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69-72 Secure Payments to the Internet of Things using UPI
Sandhya Koti,M.A.Anusuya

With growing number of smart devices per person and at each individual's homes, it is estimated that the number of objects connected to the Internet is higher than the number of people connected to it. This trend is only gaining popularity with more and more objects now interfacing with the Internet. This in-turn creates a network of smart devices that are closely integrated with the physical world, thereby providing increased efficiency and economic benefit. This is collectively termed as Internet of Things - IoT. Just like all other technology enhancements, IoT also brings up threats and security issues that need to be considered before application of the technology in various fields. This in-turn also arises the need for secure payment experiences for the IoT. This document provides a framework that describes the threats that will be seen at each level of IoT and the major issues needed to be addressed before implementing a secure system. It also provides an overview on how UPI, the new payment solution from NPCI, may be a good approach for consumer payments in IoT.

Keywords – Internet of Things (IoT), Security threats, Security vulnerabilities, Cyber attacks, Sensors, Intelligent computing, Payment Solutions, UPI

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