Volume 7 Issue 8 August 2017


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73-75 An Empirical and Secure Network Access Model in Cloud Computing
G. Aparanjini, Ch.Kodandaramu

Radio access network with cloud computing is one of the interesting research issues in the field of Mobile cloud computing. Even though various models proposed by various authors from years of research, every model has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, full-scale coordination in a large-scale C-RAN requires the processing of very large channel matrices, leading to high computational complexity and channel estimation overhead. We are proposed a new model with midpoint based clustering and cloud based proxy implementation to eliminate the additional overhead. Clustering implementation minimizes the computational complexity and Proxy server reduces the overhead over the main server and improves the response.  A cryptographic vector model transmits the data securely, instead of traditional simple cipher text conversion. Our proposed model gives more efficient results than traditional approaches

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