Volume 8 Issue 1 -2018


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1-3 Identifying and Addressing Barriers to Solar PV Technology Indigenization in Pakistan
Fazli Yazdan and Muhammad Naeem Khan

Energy plays a key role in social and economic development of a country. During the past Energy is the lifeline of socio economic growth of any country. Pakistan is facing serious electricity blackouts during the past few decades which is responsible for instability of the country. Pakistan energy mix is dependent on fossil fuels, and its local production capacity is up to 6 % of the energy mix while imports up to 24 %. The imports of fossil fuel have huge impact on national economy. In years 2008-09 Pakistan spent 9 billion US dollars on import of fossil fuels resulted a huge burden on national economy. Furthermore, fossil fuels are the main contributor of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting in climate change and environmental degradation. Developing and developed countries of the world are shifting for a source of energy which is long lasting, environment friendly and economical. Luckily, Pakistan is located in a region of the world with highest solar irradiations of almost 7-8 kWh/m2. In Pakistan, the maxing blackouts are in summer season in which we have maximum solar radiations for almost 13 hours a day. Government of Pakistan is struggling from last decades to entre solar PV market, but there are some barriers in market which limits the technology transfer and adaptation process in the market. In this research, efforts have been made to identify and address the barriers for solar PV technology transfer and adaptation in Pakistani market.

Keywords— Solar PV, Renewable Energy, Climate Change.


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